Before creating your website, it will be important to know several factors about you and your business like:

  •     Who is your audience?
  •     What is the purpose of your site?
  •     Who will be interested in my site?

These and many more questions will need to be answered before we can begin with the development of your site. Do not worry though, because we provide you with a questionnaire that will help you put your thoughts together, we will analyze your competition and put together a written proposal.

We also help you to understand several other key development steps you will want to understand during the web development process. Often people who are just starting out may not realize what they need in order to development a website for their business.

Domain Name

If you have not already decided on a web site name or URL, we will help you to figure out the perfect name for your site, and help you purchase it. We NEVER purchase anything in our name. We always step you through the purchase, account set-up and help you determine the best name(s) to acquire.

Are you tired of always changing your email address everytime you switch internet providers? When you own a unique domain name or URL, you can also have a unique email address that never changes.

We will work to help you understand the many different types of Hosting options and find the right one for you and your budget. If you already have a provider, we will gladly work with your current website host.


We never post anything live to the web until you have seen the finished site. All during the development process, you will have an opportunity to see it live in a private location until you are satisfied with it and it is ready to be launched.

You can help with the development process in many ways by providing us with all of the content for your site, photos and navigation. However, should you want us to help you with all of these items, we can too. Sometimes we are given an idea and some information from a brouchure and we can build a basic site for you.

Joomla! Web Development, Wordpress, Squarespace Support

We have been developing and migrating websites using Joomla! and Wordpress content management program (CMS) websites for many years. We have migrated clients websites from a previous version of their site into the latest version of the same CMS or sometimes recommend a different CMS. Keeping your site current and migrating your site is something that you will want to make sure that you plan accordingly for so that you do not have any down time.


We can design graphics, or use your graphics from a previous site or brochure.

Need more images or you are not sure what to use? We'll even go out and take photos for you or scan existing photos to add to your site. We can also provide some stock digital photos or clipart from our large selection.


Do you want to handle all future updates after the site is complete and make the changes yourself? No problem.

We can build the site to work with a content management program (CMS) or build templates which are easy to manage or maintain existing pages in your site.

Maybe you do not want to update the site yourself? If this is the case, our maintenance work is billed on an "as needed" basis, there are no minimum charges or monthly requirements.

Personal Computer Training

Would you like to learn more about your computer and the software that came with it? We can help you.

We provide personalized training at your work place or your home at reasonable prices to make learning worth your while.

If you recently purchased a scanner, digital camera or would just like to learn about sending e-mail attachments, or printing out a brochure, we can provide training for you at your own pace.

Social Media

Would you like to learn more about Social Media and how it can help you to connect to your customers? We can provide you with assistance in setting up your Facebook Business Page, Google+, Twitter or other accounts. Depending upon the type of website you currently have, we'll even help you to add "like buttons" to your site, or a Twitter Feed.

We can set it up for you and customize it so that you have your business logo and colors added to compliment your main business website.

Private Computer/Software Lessons Available

Are you intimidated by others in your work area because you lack basic skills in using your computer. We can provide you with those skills so you that you will feel more comfortable using the office applications you need to use to do your job.

We can provide you with training on many of the popular standards and give you that foundation to better understand your computer.

~ Microsoft Office, Outlook, O365

~ All Browsers

~ Windows Operating Systems (Windows7, Windows10)

- MacOS, Apple Devices, iPads, iPhones

-Google ChromeOS, Chromebook, Android Phones

Computer Installations, Upgrades & Repairs

Hardware Upgrades

Have you wanted to install more memory, add another hard drive, or install a scanner or writeable DVD drive and do not know who to call? We can come to your home and install your new hardware right in your own home.

Software Upgrades & Troubleshooting

Do you need to update your operating system or want to fix a software problem possibly caused by a virus? We can make sure that your computer is operating smoothly by showing you how to do some simple maintenance steps and ensuring that your computer is protected by recommending the appropriate Virus software.

We also can show you how to install a wireless network, using the latest in Wireless technology to be sure that you are not vulnerable to outside attacks or leave your network open to others.

Call us or email us for more information.